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Meet Our Team

Meet Uriel

Uriel is a seasoned leader with over two decades of exemplary service in the US Marine Corps, where he specialized in leadership development. Throughout his tenure, he orchestrated global leadership seminars, mentorship programs, and strategic initiatives, impacting countless subordinates and superiors alike. From his role as a Drill Instructor molding new Marines to his stint at the Marine Corps University transforming digital content training, Uriel consistently elevated training programs and cultivated talent.

Transitioning to VMWare, Uriel continued to excel in roles focused on technical curriculum development and project management. His ability to align global teams with organizational objectives and enhance problem-solving mechanisms showcases his adaptability and effectiveness in dynamic environments. With a wealth of experience and a diverse skill set including certifications as a Gallup Strengths coach, PMP, Agile Scrum Master, and LSS Black Belt, Uriel stands as a prime candidate for leadership positions requiring strategic vision and astute management insights.

GallupStrengths: Achiever, Command, Self-Assurance, Input, Learner

Predictive Index Reference Profile: Captain

Meet Chris

Chris's journey exemplifies his curiosity, dedication, and adaptability. With 17 years in automotive and a decade in emergency services, he's garnered a wealth of expertise. Roles in insurance, dealerships, and independent shops have deepened his understanding of organizational intricacies and industry disruption. His foray into custom car creation showcased his innovative spirit and precision. Transitioning to the fire service at 33, he embraced the challenge with unwavering focus, championing team synergy and compassion under intense stress. Throughout, Chris's pursuit of excellence and growth has made him a standout individual, invaluable in diverse arenas.

His journey underscores his relentless pursuit of excellence and growth. From reshaping automotive repair standards to navigating the demanding world of emergency response, Chris's resilience and passion shine through. His ability to adapt, innovate, and lead with compassion sets him apart, making him a valuable asset in any endeavor. Chris's multifaceted experiences, peppered with compassion, innovation, and unwavering dedication, mark him as a standout individual capable of thriving in varied environments.

GallupStrengths: Individualization, Context, Strategic, Futuristic, Learner

Predictive Index Reference Profile: Venturer

Meet Kaleigh

Kaleigh Williams, an Organizational Development Specialist with over a decade of experience, excels in engaging, managing, and leading employees. Her expertise spans full-scope Human Resources (HR), small to medium-sized business development, employee engagement, workplace human behaviors, and organizational change. Beginning her career in high-turnover industries, Kaleigh developed a fervor for assisting organizations and leaders in talent management, retention, and engagement strategies across various sectors, including financial services, education, call centers, insurance, non-profits, and retail.

In 2012, Kaleigh leveraged her passion and skills to establish a consultancy, offering strategic support to small and medium-sized businesses in operations and human capital. Certified as a Predictive Index Analyst in 2016 and later as a Predictive Index Master Trainer, she integrates predictive analytics into her consultancy services. Collaborating with Dr. Lori Wieters in 2018, they founded Wi2 Co-Lab, furthering their mission to empower businesses. With commitments to various roles, including Chief Learning Officer at HumanLytics and facilitator at Athena Valley of the Sun, Kaleigh dedicates herself to enhancing organizational success through comprehensive support and innovative solutions.

GallupStrengths: Communication, Empathy, Includer, Positivity, Strategic

Predictive Index Reference Profile: Captain

Meet Dr. Alexa

With an M.A. in Public Relations and Ph.D. in Communication and Information Sciences, Dr. Alexa Chilcutt is the faculty lead for the Executive Business Communication and co-lead for the Academy of Women in Leadership programs at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Additionally, Alexa provides training for TCU Neeley Business School’s Executive Education program and The University of Alabama Executive Education and EMBA programs. Topics include business communication, executive presence, and presentation skills. 

Corporate clients have included Exelon Corporation, Constellation Energy, Hoya Corporation, Prometric, Brinker International, Allstate, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, German-based company igus, and Johns Hopkins International Medicine Concierge Services.

Publications include "Engineered to Speak: Helping You Create and Deliver Engaging Technical Presentations" published by Wiley IEEE PCS Professional Engineering Communication Series with Dr. Adam Brooks, and articles featured in Workplace Health & Safety, MedEdPORTAL, Journal of American Dental Association (JADA), Association of General Dentist's "Impact" magazine, Public Relations Journal, and Georgia Academy of General Dentistry's Explorer magazine. 

Predictive Index: Venturer

Gallup Strengths: Coming Soon

Meet Rick

Rick Russo is a career intelligence and security professional with over thirty years of experience directly supporting national security.

His distinguished progression from an intelligence analyst directly supporting combat operations with joint special operations forces, the 75th Ranger Regiment, and multiple special mission units to Sergeant Major showcases his drive and leadership capabilities. 

As Sergeant Major for the Intelligence and Security Directorate of the JSOC’s JIATF-NCR, he was responsible for all policy, operations, facilities management, fiscal expenditures, selection, training, coaching, and operational readiness of that unit. It required him to ensure the interoperability of special operations forces with U.S. government agencies and partner nations through interagency synchronization. 

He was the first noncommissioned officer to lecture at the U.S. Army War College Advanced Strategic Arts Program in its 14-year history. He was also selected twice as a Military Research Fellow for the Chief of Staff of the Army Strategic Studies Group. 

With the Strategic Studies Group, he spearheaded significant contributions to the future of American land power and the evolution of Army doctrine. As the team's primary briefer, he presented to multiple defense industry executives, the Army Chief of Staff, Army Command, and U.S. Special Operations Command. His leadership in the research efforts on megacities and dense urban terrain shaped problem-solving and methods for urban systems modeling. 

After retirement in 2016, Rick returned to the special missions community as a contract intelligence specialist and SME, serving as an intelligence collection mission planner and leading efforts against highly sensitive WMD counterproliferation targets. He then spent some time with the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA) as a Senior Analyst assisting and leading research efforts on strategic resource and doctrinal alignment in U.S. land power, intelligence, and special operations.

Now, he applies his expertise to corporate security and crisis management for the pharmaceutical industry, establishing global watch centers and security/crisis management operations for AmerisourceBergen and West Pharmaceuticals.

Predictive Index: Controller

Gallup Strengths: Coming Soon

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